We see a world that needs the cross!

Mountain View
Assembly of God

Come visit us and see for yourself!
About Us

OUR MISSION is to introduce you to the love that is unconditional.

You don’t have to earn it, you don’t have to get fixed, you don’t even have to look the part (whatever that looks like) all you have to do is receive it from the One who gave it because it cost Him everything. We would love to share more about that love with you; so come check us out and let us learn more about the Savior who is Jesus together. Because that’s what our mission is; to share this message of the Savior and then to learn about Him together, (we are all on the journey to know Him, we’re just at different points along the way.)

what to expect
At Mountain View Assembly of God you are family where we serve Jesus together and expect the Holy Spirit to move when we gather. You are welcome to raise your hands and get your hallelujah on or to sit quietly and praise the One who we celebrate in a more quiet way.

Upcoming Services

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